Six Sentence Sunday March 3

A quick, six sentence outtake from Sweet Cravings, to be released in 2 days from Decadent Publishing:

But first, I spread the whipped cream over his darkly haired broad chest, creating a lip-smacking landscape as beautiful to me as a French Impressionist painting. He laughed. I stood back to admire my work and then leaned forward to taste my masterpiece. Mmmmmm. My mouth exploded with happiness at the intersection of male skin and flawless, honeyed flavor. I licked, moaned, and licked some more.

And yes, it’s rather naughty!

Which can’t really be helped… as it contains liberal amounts of whipped cream!



3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday March 3

  1. Wow! Wow! I love the imagery and the way you tell it. Eva, is there a chance you could help me with my work (erotica)? I was immediately pulled in by this.

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