What’s on my plate?



What’s on my plate tonight is fresh home-made tortillas and carnitas from a local Mexican market. Add to that some Swiss Chard and sour cream and salsa it’s a pretty well-rounded meal. Tomatoes are after all a fruit…

But what’s next on the list for me writing-wise? To be honest, I have too many project to count. But here’s what I am hoping to get accomplished this month:

1. Finalize Bakery Delights with Decadent Publishing

2. Write a toasty-hot One Night Stand for Decadent Publishing and get at least the first draft done.

3. This weekend, actually, I need to write a story for a paying local magazine market that’s due on the twelfth!

4. Work on The Trouble With Memories – Serial #1 – and get that ready for publication in January. The cover has been done for years! But … my pen name has changed. Need that fixed before I move forward.

5. Trade an edit with another writer.

6. Flesh out some post-apocalyptic stories for a new anthology in March 2013.

Well, that’s about the size of things. What’s everybody else working on?






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