Literary Genres – Rubbish!

Hmmm. Just saw this new post at The Guardian and it kind of made my eyes cross. I’d wager this man doesn’t read Charles Bukowsky. I don’t see how putting ghost-written novels in their own genre really defines a genre. And “erotic lit” just doesn’t cut it. Let’s get more specific here – are we talking M/M? Menage? BSDM? Kink? Fetish? Spanking?

And I hesitate to ask: but where’s the “romance lit?” Where’s the Paranormal? The Contemporary? The Romcom? The RomSus? The Historical? The Scifi Romance? The Fantasy Romance? The Steampunk romance?

Hell, where the HELL is the steampunk to begin with? Don’t tell me he lumped it under “scifi lit” and disparaged it with the same wave of his hand that he did the rest of the entire genre. I hope he doesn’t like Avatar, has never watched a Star Wars movie, and isn’t planning to see Looper.

What does this guy read anyway? (In his off time, when he’s not coining phrases?)

Man, writers and readers work much harder than this to pin down their likes and dislikes.

Don’t you agree?

Let’s get specific! 🙂


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