Emerald City Writer’s Conference

It’s nearly time for the Emerald City Writer’s Conference and a trip to Bellevue, WA. As far as towns go, I doubt I’d ever live in Bellevue. But there are great places to visit there. My favorites are:

1. Noble Court Chinese Restaurant – can you say Dim Sum? This place is great and not too expensive for a Saturday or Sunday brunch.

2. Lake Hills Greenbelt – nice place to roam. I remember picking blackberries along the trail, after viewing the community gardens. 


3. If you’re in the mood for shopping, there’s always Bellevue Square. But bring a compass and an altimeter so you can remember where you parked!








4. Let me see….. what else is attractive about Bellevue, WA? Well, it’s fairly close to some mighty fine wineries. St. Michelle is just about 20 mins away, and that’s always a nice place to visit. Watch out for the peacock! He’s a loud fellow. But a pleasant place to stroll, sample wine,get a tour, and have a bite!


And last, 5. Well, anywhere there’s bookstores, a Trader Joe’s, a Starbucks and a local library, I’ll never run out of stuff to do. It’s been ages since I’ve been a Barnes & Noble!

Better pack the bags light, come to think about it.








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