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Welcome friends as we again celebrate authors and readers of works featuring pairings of all colors of the rainbow.

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. We seek to keep readers and authors safe, help them stay visible and show our support for the rainbow community.

I’ve worked with many publishers who feature and promote these kinds of stories but MLR Press is my pick for the best. Founded by author Laura Baumbach, the company was an early promoter of gay romance and is still going strong today. Kudos to Laura for her recent success:

RWA has formally granted MLR Press, and its imprints, status as a Qualifying

That translates to we meet their professional standards and they accept
us, our authors and our work as legitimate members of the official
romance writing community.

This brings more visibility, awareness and equality – not to mention legitimacy – to the genre Laura has worked so tirelessly to promote. I hope that many other publishers are able to follow suit and join the ranks of the “mainstream” publishing industry since the stories – whether asexual, gay, lesbian, Bi, trans, queer, and more – illustrate what to us authors has already been apparent: Love knows no boundaries.

I’m proud to be an MLR Press author!


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A Soldier for Christmas

Trent returns from Iraq intent on claiming the man he kissed five years ago, only to find the war left a powerful obstacle in his way.

Cameron was sixteen when the hunky Trent Anderson kissed him and spoiled him for all other men. The next day, Trent left for a tour of duty in the Middle East without so much as a wave goodbye. When Trent returns five years later, he’s a changed man. Can Cameron put aside his long-held fantasies and accept the flawed solider he’s always wanted for Christmas?

Trent Anderson served for four years in the U.S. Army and then signed up for one more as a security contractor. He bears no physical scars from Iraq, but he secretly fights an invisible enemy. A sound, a look, a situation can trigger a flashback and send him right back into combat mode. When Cameron’s attacked, his PTSD escalates, and Trent must get help or else forfeit the man he left behind forever.


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Blog Hop for Visibility, Awareness and Equality:

1. Andrew Jericho (GAY) 22. AM Leibowitz (M/M, F/F, BI, TR, NB, REV) 43. Barbara Winkes (LES)
2. Tempeste O’Riley (M/M (Bi) (NB) 23. L.D. Blakeley (M/M, BI) 44. Bronwyn Heeley (m/m)
3. The Macaronis [various] 24. Lila Leigh Hunter [M/M, BI] 45. L. J. LaBarthe
4. Elin Gregory [mm] 25. Sharon Bidwell 46. VJ Summers (m/m, m/m/f)
5. Alexa MIlne 26. Nicole Dennis (M/M, ACE, M/M/F) 47. Nikka Michaels (M/M)
6. Nic Starr (M/M) 27. Lexi Ander 48. Caraway Carter (LGBT)
7. Evelise Archer (MM) 28. Barbara G.Tarn (M/M, ACE) 49. L M Somerton (M/M)
8. Sue Brown 29. Kaje Harper M/M, TR, BI 50. Taylor Law (GAY)
9. Elizabeth Varlet (M/M, BI, NB) 30. JMS Books LLC 51. Anastasia Vitsky (F/F, TR, BI)
10. Raven J. Spencer 31. JM Snyder 52. Draven St. James (M/M)
11. Sharing Links and Wisdom (REV) 32. Dean Pace-Frech 53. A.V. Sanders (GAY, ACE, NB)
12. Lisa Horan (REV/Multi) 33. Kimber Vale 54. Lynley Wayne
13. Archer Kay Leah (M/M, F/F, TR, NB, BI, ACE) 34. Jacintha Topaz (BI, F/F, M/M, TR) 55. DP Denman (GAY)
14. Alexis Duran (M/M) 35. Prism Book Alliance® (MULTI) 56. M.A. Church M/M
15. Jules Dixon 36. Eva Lefoy (M/M, F/F, F/M/F, BI, MULTI) 57. Andrew J. Peters GAY
16. R.M. Olivia 37. Lou Sylvre (M/M) 58. Dianne Hartsock MM
17. Heloise West (M/M) 38. Anne Barwell 59. M. LeAnne Phoenix M/M F/F
18. Angel Martinez (M/M GAY BI TR) 39. Viki Lyn (M/M) 60. Cherie Noel (M/M)
19. Amelia Bishop (MULTI) 40. Sean Michael 61. Chris McHart (M/M, Trans*)
20. Moonbeams over Atlanta – Eloreen Moon (MM, REV, MULTI) 41. Remmy Duchene (MM)
21. Helena Stone (M/M ) 42. Sharita Lira writing as BLMorticia M/M



Can this witch save the #monster prince? #PNR new release #FREE on #KU

This book is currently FREE on KU and will be FREE for everyone each Saturday in April.

Loch Ness Monster cover



During a visit to Loch Ness a talented witch raises the spirit of the castle’s former prince. Determined to rescue him from his cursed existence she must destroy the Loch Ness monster before it drowns her in the lake’s murky depths. When magic fails, is she bold enough to claim her eternal mate or will she die his unwitting victim?

Excerpt: featuring yummy dream sexiness!

Gasping, she broke the kiss and gazed up at him in wonder. From their last encounter she’d not pictured him as her lover, and yet…

He groaned as he slid two fingers inside her, pumping them in out her channel. His lips returned to hers, more demanding this time. His other hand cradled the back of her head and leaving no doubt who controlled their lovemaking. Any thought she had to stall their coupling vanished into thin air. He ground against her, and she into his hand.

“Robert,” she breathed.

“Yes, my wife.” His lips traveled over her chin and down her neck to her breast. Pushing her dress away, he sucked her nipple until her back raised off the bed. Down below, his talented fingers molded against her body giving her every sensation she needed. With scant more provocation, she’d come.

Moving to the other breast, he lavished the rosy bud with the same treatment before groaning in her ear and rutting hard against her leg. His near loss of control spun hers on its axis. She came, flooding his hand and bucking her hips until every sensation proved too strong for her to bear. When she’d collapsed on the bed he rose up, opened his leggings and positioned himself with his cockhead nudging her entrance. Gazing at her as though rapt in her beauty, he entered her with a quick jab.

Having him inside her shouldn’t have felt that good. It should have made her question her sanity or perhaps force her to wake up from the dream. Instead, she wrapped her arms around him and splayed her legs wider as if her body craved his touch. “Yes, Robert.”

He hovered over her, his expression dire. “Nothing will separate us, Marion. For time immemorial. Say so, and may it be true.”

The urgency in his words struck her first, then the tone. Almost as though it carried magic, or perhaps the ability to seal their fates together, so strong was his love. At that moment, she knew. Robert had been her husband in a past life, and the child she’d seen was their son. She would be drawn to him always and forever. If she wanted no part of this, she had to say to say so now. Yet her tongue refused.

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The choice is yours!

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Who can redeem a wolf but his mate? #blackhillswolves newest release out March 25th from @decadentpub

Black Hills Wolves

A Mate’s Redeeming Touch

By Merryn Dexter

Releasing March 25th 2016

 Redeeming Touch




Ven Thorne is a lone wolf with a bad attitude caused by his difficult childhood. Forced to return to pack life, he is tasked with rebuilding the gas station on the outskirts of Los Lobos. Ven works for Ryker, the pack enforcer, and will act as sentinel and lookout when the station reopens.

Caitlyn Burrows has recently returned to Los Lobos with her family. A victim of Magnum Tao, the pack’s evil ex-Alpha, she is terrified of men and her natural omega nature is making it hard for her to make friends. Her family is determined to see Caitlyn happy.

A chance encounter between Ven and Caitlyn reveals they are mates, something that neither of them is happy about! He’s mean and angry; she’s timid and shy. Can two such opposites find common ground?

Caitlyn decides it is past time to take control of her life and is determined to prove to Ven that she is the mate that he needs. Can she make him see that the Fates are right and that their only chance of happiness is together or will the ghosts from the past keep them apart forever?

 Heating up


“I said, what do you want?” Ven sounded furious as he took a step towards her and Caitlyn shrank back, dropping the cooler as she raised her hands as though trying to ward him off. The box tipped over, spilling its contents across the scruffy lot and the man swore again. He stepped around the mess of food and drinks, advancing rapidly and she caught his scent, amber and dark wood beneath a layer of fresh sweat. Her wolf, normally so quiet, surged forward and she realized in terror that she was practically toe-to-toe with her mate. And he was mean and angry.

Knowing what it was to suffer at the hands of a cruel man, she turned tail and ran as fast as she could. She plunged towards the relatively safety of the trees, kicking off her shoes and dragging her clothes free as she fled.

Her wolf was whining at her to stop, but she pushed on into the heavy brush. Pausing to shed her jeans, she crouched, letting the shift take her over but making sure she retained enough control to force the wolf to keep running. The wolf howled, desperate to turn back, to catch again the glorious scent of her mate and offer her throat in submission to his dominant presence.

A heavy crash behind had her doubling her efforts and her paws scrabbled over the soft ground, seeking purchase as she ran as though the hounds of hell were on her heels. She risked a glance over her shoulder and an involuntary yip of fright loosed from her throat. An enormous gray wolf was gaining on her with every stride, the snarl on his face more terrifying than the scowl he’d worn in his human form.

She put on another burst of speed, her wolf suddenly in accordance that escape rather than submission was the best idea. Dodging around a massive pine tree, trunk broader than her back, she pulled up short at the remains of another fallen trunk that suddenly blocked her path. A snarl set her in motion again and her claws scratched at the bark as she desperately tried to clamber over the downed tree. The wood was soft, rotten in places and her front legs slid from under her as a huge set of jaws clamped around the thick fur at the back of her neck.





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About the Author

Merryn Dexter is a military spouse who, after a varied employment career (from selling sandals to old ladies with bunions to being a health and safety coordinator for a construction company), is thrilled to be pursuing her dream career as a romance writer. She likes The Winchesters, Spike, Hotch, Loki and watching complicated European Noir. Her hobbies include crying at books, crying at movies, crying at tv serials (there’s a theme!) and believes all stories should have a Happy Ending.


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Mother’s Day Magic – each purchase donates to fight #MS and help #msresearch

Mothers Day the one!! MDM

10% of proceeds from this anthology will go to the National MS Society for research.


A message from Allyson R. Abbott.
I love to buy books as presents. I wanted to find a book that would let my mom know how much I appreciate her. As an author, I decided to write the story to say how much I love her. I told my friend what I had planned to do. Grace, also an author, wanted to do the same. We set out to write our two stories, but Grace suffers with MS and it became so bad she had to stop writing. I sent out an appeal to authors worldwide to write stories for Mother’s Day, and to donate 10% of every book sold to MS. My call was answered by 13 special authors and our Mother’s Day Magic box set was born. Read these beautiful stories and help stop a crippling disease––MS!

13 authors



Felt by the Heart by Angela Ford (#1 Bestselling, Amazon Top 50 & Award-Winning Author)
Rachel Winters’s fiftieth birthday approached the forever she’d found with Ryan ended with heartache. And for her daughter, the second chance of having a dad. Will Rachel find the strength to rebuild her life and her daughter’s?

I Love You More by Cornelia Amiri (Best-selling author, Celtic Romance Queen)
On turning sixty, Garland recalls memories of her life’s journey from an abusive childhood to a bad marriage to the ups and downs of a single mom. She is rewarded with a magical mother’s day with her loving family.

Two Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson (#1 Bestselling Author &TRR Readers’ Choice Award Winner)
Retired air force captain and wounded warrior, Zach Logan, discovers that his scars are more than skin deep, when he falls in love with Beth Bowen; the lovely single mother of an autistic son.

December Roses by Daisy Banks (Bestselling Author)
A present day gift of flowers sets off delightful memories for Jean. The recollections of the day love first bloomed, and trust overcoming a frightening challenge, are carved deep into her heart.

Maddie’s Project by Anna Celeste Burke (Award-Winning, Bestselling Author)
Laura’s mother, Maddie, led a life bursting at the seams, filled with family and a million projects. May changed everything. More than a decade later, Laura reflects on Maddie’s biggest project, and how it changed all their lives.

Vision of the Heart by Mary Crawford (#1 Bestselling Author)
Facing the vision loss caused by macular degeneration is hard enough, but it’s causing Julia Concord to question everything she knows about herself as a wife, mother, and nurse. Can she handle a reunion when she’s a shadow of the person she once was?

An English Rose by Allyson R. Abbott (#1 Bestselling Author)
A compelling and humorous insight of past years and present dilemma’s as Rose reflects on her usefulness in later life. Just as she acknowledges and accepts her sell-by-date is approaching, life suddenly becomes interesting again, in more ways than one.

The Art of Forgiveness by Tamara Philip (Angie Ovations Outstanding Interracial Romance)
The story of one woman’s journey to find out the truth surrounding her adoption decades earlier. Amidst the tragedy of the past, she finds connections to her complicated history and a gentle reminder about the transcendent power of forgiveness and time.

The Illusion of Happiness by Neva Squires Rodriquez
Divorced and having lived under the illusion of happiness for over thirty years, Graciela struggles to find her strength. With her fiftieth birthday and Mother’s Day weekend approaching, a surprise visit helps put things into prospective for her.

The Day before Eclosion by Adrienne Ruvalcaba
Sharon’s only daughter, Gracie, is ready to move out on her own. What should be an exciting transition is complicated by Gracie’s disability. Can Sharon learn to accept Gracie’s need for autonomy before irreparable damage is done to their relationship?

The Light We Found by Q.D. Purdu (Texas Writers’ Winner)
Calla has survived divorce and developed her first newly-single crush on Ben, the special guy in her triple-two-step class. Life is rocking until her ex confesses a long-hidden betrayal, and Ben reveals the most hurtful secret of all.

Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone & Tyler Hosea (Multi-Bestselling Author)
A letter containing the last request of their mother was handed to the son and daughter at the funeral service. They were told to read the letter at her gravesite on the year anniversary of her passing.

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