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Oh yes, you know you want to! And we’ve got some great stories coming up in the Spanking edition of Sexy to Go.

Sexy to Go Spanking edition includes these 10 sexy stories:


M/F pairings


The Naughty Secretary by Landra Graf


Benji had Friday night plans with his Dom, until his boss made him work late. So what happens when the Dom shows up at the office? All manner of naughty things.



Noisy Neighbor by Jocelyn Dex


When Ali confronts her noisy neighbor, tensions rise and things get heated…



Mergers & Acquisitions by Sorcha Mowbray blondr submissive smaller


When a business man can’t get his sexy acquisitions specialist out of his head, he must have her in his bed and at his mercy. Can she let go of her hard won power long enough to relax and give him the control he craves?



Clockwork Dom by Shiloh Saddler


A lost succubus arrives in an incubus’s den who has a fetish for torture and discovers his mechanical and steam powered playroom. If she is to feast upon the sexual essence of the humans in his stable she must play along too.



The First Time by Daisy Banks


Pam discovers all her hopes of happiness may come true as long as she can live with what she’s asked for. Mike’s has plans for their future if things work out right. This is his woman, his one, and she’s asked him for everything he’s longed to give her.



Deep Sleep by Eva Lefoy


Fresh from her visit to Utai, human explorer and thrill-seeker, Prishka, boards an intergalactic shuttle bound for Talu Prime. Though she’ll spend much of the 16-month voyage in stasis, a sexy telepathic passenger promises her Deep Sleep will be anything but boring…


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GLBT pairings


Just Desserts by Tara Quan


After messing up in a big way, Allison Chen attempts to bribe her lover with a box of cupcakes. Felicity has a far more delicious form of restitution in mind—one involving a crop, camera, and vibrating toy.



Jen & Maddy by Cathy Pegau
Musician Maddy helps grad student girlfriend Jen with her Ph.D project on recording sound and images directly from the brain. Will what Jen picks up have her run screaming or take their relationship to the next level?



Double Trouble by Louisa Bacio
Rumor Wasted and Bomb’Shell Blue enjoy some hardcore competition on the Roller Derby track, but when the rivalry goes too far, one of these high-flying athletes will lose more than the match.



Teaching Thomas by Shiloh Saddler


Born sickly, Thomas led a sheltered life. One fateful day Yankees burn his mansion, he is cursed, and all the slaves leave except for the blacksmith. The blacksmith wants to help him become a stronger man. Can he endure the painful lessons or will he break?


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Sexy to Go Spanking edition will be published in September. Whee!!! Stay tuned!







Fun One-Liners

Long Sexy Woman Legs In Black Stockings On Sofa, With High Heels

I love Allie Ritch’s one liners! Come and find a great new book in just one line!

Allie Ritch, author

Today I have a great group of authors visiting with some of their best one-liners from their books. Participants include Allie Quinn, Bobbi Romans, Brynley Bush, Cailin Briste, Cara Bristol, Cynthia Sax, Errin Stevens, Eva Lefoy, Gail Koger, Haley Whitehall, Jeanne St. James, Jessica E. Subject, Jocelyn Dex, K.T. Black, Laurel Richards, Lisa M. Owens, Louisa Kelley, Marianne Rice, Megan Slayer, Pamela Moran, Pippa Jay, Shiloh Saddler, Sotia Lazu, Stephanie Lake, Susanna Eastman, Tami Lund, Tara Quan, TD Hassett, and Wendi Zwaduk. Plus I’m sharing a couple lines of my own. Thank you to all the authors who joined in. Now read on for fun one-liners that will make you smile, blush, and add to your TBR list.


Enormous frost bears didn’t turn into gorgeous, naked men. Pleasure Season by Allie Ritch

“Sex magic, good for everything.” Nareen of the Draca by Louisa Kelley

“No, I do bite…

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Sexy to Go #Paranormal excerpt by @laylatarar get ready to play rough #Rrated

Not everyone you meet is a tender lover when you push them to the edge.

It takes a woman with a special kind of grit to like living dangerously. Marguerite is such a woman, and after a hard day’s work flaming zombies, she’s ready for a night she’ll never forget…

Red-Handed by Tara Quan


When Marguerite gets caught testing flame-throwers on unsuspecting zombies, she finds herself at the mercy of a sexy federal agent. Dominated, bound, and bared to the skin, this closet submissive faces a night of creative interrogation—one she can’t wait to enjoy.


Attractive sexy couple in dark room

“Wait.” Her mind grappled for a convincing argument. “My boobs are tiny. I’m a lot hotter with them on.”

He chuckled. “I disagree. But since you asked nicely….” Walking to the table, he traded her knife for a thin, leather-covered stick with a flat tip.

“What the heck is that?”

He tugged her bra down until her nipples popped out over the plunging neckline. “It’s called a crop.” He lightly smacked the tip of her breast. “I bought it off an antiques smuggler.”

The sharp sting sent her twisting to the side, a futile attempt to avoid further injury. He grabbed her nape, twining his fingers through her hair. His grip arched her back, increasing the vulnerability of her exposed breasts. “I thought you weren’t pissed anymore.”

“I’m not. This, we’re doing for fun.”

She yelped as he flicked the crop over her quivering flesh, alternating between the two budding tips. Betrayed by her body, she cried out as he turned her pink nipples raspberry red. Pain-laced pleasure traveled from her chest, the sensual tingle spreading to the tips of her fingers and toes.

She moaned a protest when he stopped. Maintaining his imprisoning hold, he trailed the crop’s end between her thighs. “They used this to control horses back in the day.” With a resonating whack, he forced her legs apart. Switching his grip, he positioned the handle between her labia. As moisture coated the cold leather, he slid it back and forth, each thrust brushing her clit.

He released his hold on her at the same moment her knees buckled, keeping the crop between her legs as she sagged against the cuffs.

Lifting her chin, she glared daggers at him. “Are you planning to control me?” If so, he’d gotten to a pretty good start.

He chortled. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”




Sexy To Go PNR_Flat


All Romance Ebooks

3 #GLBT excerpts from Sexy to Go Paranormal #PNR @sofiagreyauthor @shilohsaddler

In the latest volume of Sexy to Go we have 3 gay romance stories. I’m sharing excerpts from all of them today. Read on!

Displaced by Sofia Grey


Cast out by his race for taking a male lover, Henare lives as a man during daylight hours. At sunset he returns to the sea, to take his place as an immortal guardian of the water, the feared Taniwha. He’s never allowed anyone to get close, until TJ comes along.

Can this young man tame the mighty sea monster?

* * *

Portrait of a beautiful young muscular man leaning against a tree in nature

“I’m glad you came back,” I replied.

He scrambled to his feet, a hopeful look in his eyes. “The way you disappeared last night. I thought, well, yeah. I couldn’t be sure.” He gave an awkward one-shouldered shrug.

He’d come back, that was what mattered, and I didn’t want him to doubt that. “Be sure of this.” I curled one hand gently in his T-shirt— so soft— and tugged him toward me. He moved fluidly to stand close, our mouths just inches apart. I could smell something sweet on his breath. “I don’t like girls either.”

His answering smile was a thing of beauty.

It felt like the most natural thing to lean into TJ, and claim his lips, even while alarm bells shrieked inside my head. I never kissed. That implied more than physical lust, more of a connection, just more. I wanted to fuck him, that was all. I was about to pull back and say something, when he made a broken sound in his throat and opened up to me. His tongue flicked over mine, and I was scorched in a blast of heat.

Sweet, hot and enticing, I wanted more. My cock pulsed with need, and I flexed my hips to brush against his denims. A shockwave of sensation flooded me and I knew in that moment, I had to have him.


Half-Breed Wolf by Shiloh Saddler


Lance is kicked out of his pack and as a parting blow his Alpha prohibits him from shifting. When he is thrust into Oliver’s presence he doesn’t trust the wolf but the chemistry between them is undeniable. Will Lance find another place to belong or will Oliver slight the half-breed, too?

* * *

For a long minute Lance stood naked before him. His lean muscles shaped his desirable Shirtless African American Man with Hand to Headbuild and Oliver sensed he’d be sleek and agile in wolf form. He had powerful legs for his smaller stature. Appraising the shifter from the ankles up, he took in all the man had to offer, eyeing his cock like it already belonged to him.

Lance inhaled sharply but did not move from where he’d planted his feet, shoulder width apart, strong and proud. Yes, Lance had every right to be proud. His body would make every female swoon from miles around.

Except, lucky for him, the Omega wasn’t interested in finding a wife.

Lance closed his eyes and dropped to all fours. Oliver instantly thought of what he wanted to do with the wolf in that position. He mentally groaned. Later. When the time was right.


Huck’s Finn by Eva Lefoy


Colton is an alpha wolf through and through but when he makes decisions for his mate, he runs into trouble. At an all-night truck stop, Luka is prepared to stand his ground and prove to Colton he’s gone too far. But when the all-too distracting Finn walks in, followed by his gigantic mate, the evening takes a swift turn. With all four men naked in their bedroom, will Colton give Luka all he wants?


guy pulls clothes

“Hey, man. Sorry about your … guy … being an ass and all.”

Luka’s nose twitched, scenting the man standing next to his table as another wolf. From another pack, possibly a rival one. He wondered if Colton had made him out, too. Looking up, he gave the man a light once-over. Straight reddish blonde hair flopped over one eye, black leather jacket, face with a long hawkish nose. The voice he used had been surprisingly gravelly. Luka had expected to see an older man. This guy was probably late twenties to thirty with an unassuming demeanor and an easy, if quirky smile. He swallowed down hesitation and engaged in the conversation. “Yeah, it’s a pain when your mate’s not so good with his social conduct.”

The wolf laughed. “So he’s your mate, huh? Tough luck there. What’d he do to piss you off this time?”

God, it was if the guy could read his mind. All night Luka had been stuck on the fact Colton had this streak of idiotic superiority in him a mile wide that never seemed to get better. He always stuck his paw in his mouth and then had the balls to hold his head high. It killed him every time being on the receiving end of his bullshit. “He told my parents I was gay.”

* * *

Be sure to check out the rest of these stories in the latest issue of Sexy to Go!

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